In photo- fr left to right- Major Raul B Obaob, PA, MP Mohammad Kellie Antao, And Butch Malang, Administrator of the Special Geographic Areas of North Cotabato

Peace stakeholders help settle land conflict in Midsayap, Cotabato

MIDSAYAP, COTABATO — A conflict over a parcel of land at Sitio Basak, Barangay Tugal, Midsayap, North Cotabato was finally settled Sunday, May 21, with the help of different peace stakeholders that paved the way for peace in the community. 
The conflicting parties, Ping Kulilong and Salik Kansa, agreed to settle down their differences that shall pave the way for the affected community to return to normalcy. 

The settlement was done through Kanduli Road to Everlasting Peace with the theme “Pagkakaisa Tungo sa Kapayapaan at Kaunlaran” held at H34IB, Barangay Salunayan, this town. 

In his welcome message, Major Raul B Obaob, PA, Executive Officer, said “Tapusin na ang kaguluhan sa pagitan ng dalawang grupo upang sa gayon ay manirahan ng tahimik ang mamayan ng Sitio Basak, Barangay Tugal.” [Let us finally settle the conflict between the two parties so that the people of Sitio Basak Barangay Tugal will live in peace].

Hon. Butch Malang, Administrator of the Special Geographic Areas of North Cotabato in his opening message urged the parties to end up their skirmishes and expressed his thanks that a settlement agreement was reached. Malang is also the chairman of Moro Islamic Liberation Front-Coordinating Committee on the Cessation of Hostilities (MILF-CCCH).

Junalyn G. Sumlay, a peace advocate, presented the agreement which stipulated that the AFP, PNP, MILF-CCCH and other security stakeholders will help monitor the compliance to the agreement and the boundary of brgy Nabalawag and Tugal both of Midsayap, Cotabato.

The settlement further aimed to ensure safety of civilians, and convince them to return to their place of origin, ensure the security of the community and continuously monitor the situation and to ensure the freedom of movement at the civilian populace. 

Aside from the two conflicting parties, other signatories were Guiama M. Milicano, Menteng Sinabangan, Zainal Kilam, Guiadzila Mamaluba, Nasser Dalandag, Hon. Toks Pulalon, Mr. Udting Kulilong, Tato “Losty” A. Salendab, and Tony P. Kuda.

It was witnessed by Hon. Butch Malang, LTC Rey C. Rico INF (GSC) PA, MP Mohammad Kelie Antao, Mr. Abu Saima, Husain, Mr. George Kasim, Hon. Renz Tukuran, 1LT Robert Rabeje (INF) PA, Mr. Abdulmawla Namil, PCPT Edwin Monbejar , Mr. Whiskey Husain, Ebrahim Rahman, Prof. Duma Mascud, Mr. Omar Bayao.

There were 31 identified conflict affected civilians who receive financial support through Mr. Haron D. Amer with MP Antao.

Antao urged the community members to support the thrust of the Bangsamoro headed by the chief minster for a moral governance so that every person can travel without fear. He added it is disgusting to always engage in negotiation.

In his message of commitment, Ping Kulilong, said that he restrained his family in doing not good but this is the challenge of the Almighty, “Kinumpen ko e pamilya ko sa di makanggalbik sa dili mapya ugayd na saki ganat sa ganatan na pilaginawa na nya ka batalwan nu Allahu ta Allah sa laki.”

Guiama Milicano said violator to the agreement shall be turned over to the the MILF and PNP.

Hon. Fatima Mokamad said that no matter how good the agreement is if it will not be implemented, there will be no peace at all.

Haron D. Amer said “Alhamdulillah na settled na po yung bakbakan sa Tugal (the armed conflict at Tugal was finally settled.”

Director Anwar Alamada said the very foundation of peace is justice.

Mr. Benhar Ayob of Ministry of Public Order and Safety (MPOS) for his message of support said one should put priority the welfare of their children, those any conflict should be settled immediately. 

BGEN Donald M Guimiran, PA pledged his support and presence to serve.

LTC Rey C. Rico INF (GSC), PA, said they will have continuous meeting with the parties involved to see the situation on the ground.