CM Ebrahim emphasizes communicators’ peace-building role during region-wide information summit

DAVAO CITY—Bangsamoro Chief Minister Ahod Ebrahim underscored on Wednesday, Oct. 18, the pivotal role of communicators toward fostering long-term peace, progress, and unity in the BARMM during the first region-wide Information and Media Summit held at the SMX Convention Center.
The summit, which will run until Oct. 20, gathered the different key officials of the Bangsamoro Government and National Government, development partners, BARMM’s regional and provincial information officers, local media practitioners, and civil society organizations (CSOs) to reinforce the collaboration between the BARMM Government and those involved in the information and media.

This includes being the platform that opens dialogues for discussing pressing issues and topics, and increases communicators’ involvement in the transition period.

Ebrahim stressed that communication paves the way to listening to the unheard Bangsamoro voices and nurturing the gains of the peace process.

“Communication is more than just transmitting information; it is about bridging gaps, creating understanding, and promoting peace and harmony,” he emphasized.

The Chief Minister also stated that the peace agreement is a testament to the power of dialogue, diplomacy, and cooperation. He then stressed how communicators greatly influence and aid in overcoming the challenges of achieving peace.

He mentioned, “We are tasked with conveying the stories of resilience, hope, and determination that define our region. We are the storytellers of progress and social change.”

Ebrahim also highlighted that the three-day summit empowers media professionals to strengthen the information and media networks that will eventually promote a region that thrives on diversity, inclusivity, and justice.

“Let us commit to using our platforms to empower, educate, and inspire every Bangsamoro,” he said, highlighting his hopes for shaping a brighter future for the BARMM.

The summit carries the theme “Amplifying Voices, Nurturing the Gains of the Peace Process: The Role of Communicators in the Bangsamoro Region”.

As the 11th priority under CM Ebrahim’s Enhanced 12-Point Priority Agenda, sustaining and improving peace, justice, and security across the BARMM was emphasized at the Information and Media Summit.