round twelve thousand Bangsamoro residents from Cotabato City, and nearby municipalities hold rally at the city plaza to show sympathy and solidarity for the Palestinian people

Bangsamoro residents hold rally to show solidarity for Palestine

Cotabato City—Thousands of Bangsamoro residents of this city and nearby municipalities held an emotional peace rally here on Monday, October 16 to show solidarity to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip under relentless bombardment by Israeli forces.
The “Bangsamoro Rally for Free Palestine,” started with a motorcade with many of the participants holding placards and waving the flag of Palestine while others were seen turning emotional and shedding tears during the prayer rally.

“We are here to show sympathy to Palestine and condemn the Israeli government for killing innocent people, including children. The atrocities must stop now,” Nesreen Ebrahim, representing the Bangsamoro women sector, said in a tearful speech.

Ben Hussein of the Bangsamoro Action Against Injustices (BAII), the lead organizer of the event, said the peace rally was meant to show solidarity for Palestine.

As of Sunday morning, the Palestinian health ministry reported that death toll in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank reached 2,383 Palestinians dead and  with 10,814 injured.

“We are calling on our brother Arab nations to open their borders and attend to the needs of the fleeing Palestinian residents, provide them with food, water or medical needs,” Hussein said.

The speakers called for a halt to the Israeli military operations in Gaza, and urged the United States and the United Nations to stay neutral in the conflict.

Midpantao Midtimbang, a former member of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority, scored the United States for apparently taking side in favor of Israel.

“As an icon of democracy as they claimed, the U.S must be neutral in dealing with all the problems,” he said during the rally.
The huge rally ended at around 6PM.