Ramadhan 1445 to Begin on Tuesday, March 12, 2024: Bangsamoro Darul Ifta

GENERAL SANTOS CITY, March 10, 2024 - The Bangsamoro Darul Ifta has officially declared that the holy month of Ramadhan 1445 will commence on Tuesday, March 12, 2024. This announcement follows the results of today's moonsighting, where the Ramadhan crescent was not sighted.
Bangsamoro Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulrauf A. Guilani conveyed the decision to the public during a press conference held past 8 o'clock in the evening. "The result of the moonsighting was that the moon was not sighted, meaning tomorrow will mark the completion of the month of Shaban. Thus, Ramadhan 1445 will officially begin on Tuesday," the grand Mufti said.

In preparation for this significant announcement, the Bangsamoro Darul Ifta had deployed moonsighters to various locations within and outside the Bangsamoro region to observe the lunar activity.

As per the tradition of the Holy Prophet, Ramadhan commences once the moon is sighted on the 29th day of Sha’ban. This year, it corresponds to the 10th day of March 2024.

Fasting during Ramadhan is considered one of the five pillars of Islam. It is obligatory for male and female Muslims to observe fasting from dawn until sunset. During this period, Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, and engaging in sexual acts.

The holy month is not just a time of abstinence but also a period for spiritual reflection and heightened devotion. Muslims are encouraged to increase their connection with the Almighty through prayer, repentance, and charity. Acts of kindness and generosity towards the less fortunate are highly emphasized during Ramadhan.

As the Bangsamoro community prepares to welcome Ramadhan, believers are reminded of the spiritual significance of this sacred month and encouraged to embark on a journey of self-discipline, compassion, and devotion.