Minister Iqbal lauds Australia’s support to education in BARMM

On the occasion of the Philippines-Australia Friendship Day on May 22, Minister Mohagher Iqbal of the Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education (MBHTE) thanked Australian Ambassador HK Yu PSM and the people of Australia for their unwavering support to the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM).
“Your commitment to enhancing our education system, mainly through the Education Pathways to Peace in Mindanao program, has profoundly impacted our community,” Iqbal said.

The Education Pathways to Peace in Mindanao program is Australia’s education investment supporting the delivery of quality early grades education in the Philippines, with focus on contributing to peacebuilding in the BARMM.

Iqbal said, “By investing in K-3 education, we are improving literacy and numeracy skills and sowing the seeds of peace and inclusivity from a young age. This initiative is essential and a lifeline for nurturing a generation that will lead BARMM toward a sustainable peace and development future.”

Philippine-Australia Friendship Day is celebrated on May 22 each year. It was declared by Philippine Presidential Proclamation No. 1282 in 2016 to commemorate the strong and enduring friendship between the Philippines and Australia. The day is marked by various events and celebrations that highlight the history, culture, and achievements of the bilateral relationship between the two countries. 

The celebration of Philippine-Australia Friendship Day includes festivals, cultural exhibits, film screenings, concerts, and other activities that promote mutual understanding and cooperation. It serves as a reminder of the close ties that exist between the Philippines and Australia, dating back to World War II when Australian forces supported the defense of the Philippines against Japanese invasion.

The friendship between the Philippines and Australia extends beyond cultural exchanges to include trade, education, defense cooperation, and strategic alliances. Both countries have collaborated on various fronts to promote economic growth, education, and regional security.