Moro Qari wins King Abdulaziz Int’l Qur’an Reading Competition 2016

Bringing pride to the entire Bangsamoro, Amer Abdullah from Mindanao won as champion of the King Abdulaziz International Qur-an Reading Competition 2016 held last Wednesday (Oct 26) in Mecca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“This competition is about the correct way of pronouncing the noble Qur-an during prayer, quality of voice, memorization of entire Sura (chapter),” Datu Ontay Marogong said in his post in social media.

“The judge read a portion of Ayat (verse) in the noble Qur-an and (the) contestant to continue reading it until the next judge will read another Ayat and (the contestant) do the same way,” Marogong said. “The judges observe the contestant if he memorized entire Sura in Qur-an,” he added.

According to Marogong the Qur’an reading champion studied at Zaid bin Thabit Institute and was coached by Abuawwad Abdullah Lacsa Ibrahim Amanoddin..
Present in the competition were the four Imams of Masjid al Haram and the Governor of Mecca, a Saudi Prince who presented the awards to the winners in different categories.

Abdullah received a cash prize of 30,000 Saudi Riyals. “The success of Qari Amer Hassan in this competition is an inspiration to the young Meranao who wants to follow his foot step,” Marogong said.

Qur’an is the holy book of the Muslims revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is a divine law that serves as guide to mankind.