"Moro farmers attend seminar on organic vegetable and goat farming"

Eight Moro farmers and farming enthusiast attended a seminar on organic vegetable and goat farming aimed at increasing the income of the participants through adopting natural ways of agricultural production.

The activity held at Uyag-Uyag Educational Development Farm and Research Center at Tupi, South Cotabato on December 14-15 was hosted by Sigay Kauyagan Inc., a non-government organization helping members cultural communities through education on organic farming.

The participants learned vermicomposting, crop choices, crop rotation, production of fermented fruit juices concoction, and vegetable production through FAITH (food always in the house).

Hillside farming which does not make the area productive but also controls soil erosion was also shared by the lecturers. The participants further gained knowledge on goat management, breeding, milking, disbudding, tagging and deworming.

Ustadz Mahmoud Wasag expressed his deep appreciation to the sponsor for helping Muslim farmers.

Organic farming is a method involving crop and livestock production without using synthetic farm inputs like fertilizer and pesticide. The practice also improves soil fertility.

More consumers opt to buy organically grown vegetable and farm animals for health reasons.