Mercy Center offers free training in facilitating Da’wah

Mercy Center, an organization engaged in Da’wah (Call to the way of Allah), is inviting interested Muslims who would like to be trained with techniques in handling Da’wah to be held at the Center’s mosque in Davao City on November 21-25, 2016, every 6PM to 9PM.

The activity will impart knowledge on effective Da’wah techniques to the participants which they can use in preaching both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Sheikh Eisa Javier of Mercy Center said the training will be held at night to give opportunity to those working or studying.

 “How many among us are doing Da’wah to their siblings, parents or friends,” he asked during a Khutbah yesterday (Nov 18).

He underscored the essence of learning and sharing Islamic knowledge to others. “The Holy Prophet said when evil is widespread, Da’wah becomes obligatory,” Javier related.

He said explaining Islam to others and showing characters of Muslim being peace-loving, respectful and tolerant are good ways of spreading Islam.  

Javier related that the Center immediately called a press conference to denounce September 2 night market bombing incident in davao City. 

Aside from Islamic symposium and forum, Mercy Center is also using Cable TV and social media in doing Dawah. Free Islamic reading materials are also available at the Center.