Moro Professionals undergo Intensive Arabic Language Application Training Course

Cotabato City - The first Graduation Exercises of Daarul Ittihaad Li-Ta’lim Al-Lugha Al-Arabiyyah wal Qur-an Al-Kareem (House of Unity Arabic Language and Qur-anic Center) was held on 28 January 2017 at Nursalam Hall, Alnor Complex, Cotabato City to culminate the completion of 6-month stay-in Intensive Arabic Language and Application Training Course of male professional student-trainees.

The training course covered different Islamic field of knowledge such as Qur-an (proper reading with Tajweed and memorization), Lugha Al-Arabiyyah (Arabic Language), and Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence). 

The Daar was established by the Union of Muslim Youth Organizations (UMYO) under its Committee on Education, in partnership with Jumeyatul Huffaz Bil Filibeen, Inc. Its educational center was put up at Brgy. Dalumangcob, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao. 

There were initially 22 participants in this training who were endorsed by their respective organizations comprising the UMYO. However, only 15 out of them were able to complete the course. The training officially started on 24 July 2016 and ended last 26 January 2017. 

The graduation program started with the reading of some verses of the Noble Qur’an by Yasser Salik, Best in Tilawatul Qur-an Awardee. It was followed by opening remarks given by the Engr. Datu Puwa Mamalac, Head of Committee on Education. 

The overview was delivered by Ustadh Saad Abdulfattah Delna, Mudeer of Daarul Ittihaad. He highlighted the purpose of the 6-month intensive training as “to teach the learned individuals who studied secular education to learn also the revealed knowledge which is the Qur-an, the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and other relevant subjects like Fiqh”.

The 14 graduates received their respective diplomas written in English and Arabic texts which stated their excellent completion of the course. They also received other academic and special awards. 

The batch awardees included Abdullah Guiale who received various awards such as 1st Honors, Best in Lugha Al-Arabiyyah, Best in Fiqh, Best in Qur-an, and Special Award for memorizing 4 Juz (chapters) of the Qur-an during his stay inside the Daar. Other awardees were: Guiamaludin Pasandalan – 2nd Honors, Zulkarnain Embang – 3rd Honors, Yasser Salik – Best in Tilaawah, Mohammad Sahid Felmin – Best in Tajweed, and the special award for Batch Role Model was given to Mohammad Hamza Indong.

The educators during this training course were also given appreciation in the persons of Ustadh Salahuddin Lantong, Ustadh Saad Delna, Ustadh Fauzie Dagloc, Jomar Alimanan – Al-Hafidh, and Suhael Abdullah – Al-Hafidh.

The program was also attended by highly respected Ulama from Jumeyyatul Huffaz bil Filibeen which include Ustadh Mas’od Lantong and Ustadh Samsudin Abdulrahman. They shared some words of wisdom to ignite the attendees, especially the graduates to strive hard in seeking knowledge and make the best of benefits out of their youth. 

Ust. Mas’od highlighted the virtues of seeking knowledge and encouraged everyone to ask Allah for increase in knowledge through reciting prayers during sujood (prostration). He also emphasized to seek authentic knowledge about Qur-an and Sunnah from the learned and virtuous Ulama.

On the other hand, Ust. Samsudin inspired the youth as they are considered to be the hope of the Ummah (nation). He reminded them that in order to attain the vision of the entire Ummah, they always have to hold the Qur-an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as their basis  in all steps that they are planning to do and be patient.

Before the program ends, Ust. Salahuddin, one of the Daar lecturers and also the concurrent Mudeer of Markaz Al-Imaam Al-Jazarie Lil Qur-anil Kareem, reminded everyone that this training is just a beginning to start over. The knowledge acquired in this training has to be applied wholeheartedly and to be shared to others. 

The graduates were also congratulated by the representative from International Monitoring Team – M11, Chief of Staff Capt. Jamaludin Bin Sairi, who expressed his gratitude to the organizers and congratulated the graduates. He is looking forward to an increase in number of graduates the next coming years. 

He also expressed his support to this effort and advised the youth to continue with their good efforts, seek knowledge, and make use of their time wisely.

As a formal closure of the graduation program, a presentation of UMYO’s plan for Daar’s sustainability programs was delivered by Engr. Zubair Guiaman, Chairman of UMYO. 

He explained that the rationale behind the conceptualization of this training is to integrate Islamic education to young professionals for them to be able to fully benefit the society and prevent them from being contributors for destroying the nation. In his presentation, he said that the 2nd batch for the 6-month stay-in Intensive Arabic Language and Application Training Course for professionals will start on July 2017, In shaa Allah.

The said Intensive Training Course was a great leap towards the realization of UMYO’s Vision and Mission. UMYO envisions for a transformed and developed youth who are Islamically educated that can represent and benefit the society. The Union has been optimistic about attaining its noble vision and mission through collaborative efforts from its partner organizations and other sympathizers, through the Mercy and Blessings of Allah, The Most High.