Cotabato ‘City Mall’ extends support to 31st MBD

The 31st Muslim Blood Donation (MBD) of Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA)-CenMin was strongly supported by City Mall, a newly opened commercial store in Cotabato City  conducted last December 18 at the 1st floor of said mall.

This information was relayed by Zuhaira Mangansakan, Information, Communication and Learning Officer of BDA-CenMin) during an interview by BDA-CenMin Communication Group. 

In particular, the strong support of the City Mall of Cotabato City was made through the unconditional approval by its management to the request of the BDA –CenMin to hold the 31st MBD in the said Mall being the most accessible location and assure a continuing advocacy for bloodletting to the Bangsamoro and the public in general, Nazneen Biruar-Piang, R.N., MBD Coordinator and Administrative Office of BDA-CenMin said.  

Proof of the City Mall support was the offer of needed materials free of charge for the success of the MBD where many of its employees also volunteered to donate blood, added Biruar-Piang.

In an interview by BDA-CenMin ComGroup with Jonatan Baguindali, Marketing Assistant of City Mall of Cotabato City, he said that by conducting the MBD in their Mall, it also strengthened their promotional activity because people anxiously got inside with some of whom donated blood or observed the bloodletting procedures and others bought our items.

Baguindanali also thanked the BDA-RMO for making the City Mall of Cotabato City as the venue of the 31st MBD.

Baguindali urged individuals, groups or organizations to patronize the City Mall for their party celebrations, meetings, weddings, convention and other social gatherings.

With the support of the City Mall of Cotabato City, the 31st MBD resulted to the collection of 336 blood units, said Amoth Pulalon, Assistant MBD Coordinator.

The success of BDA-CenMin along with its efforts in conducting MBD’s would not be achieved if not through the continuing partnership with the Cotabato City Regional and Medical Center (CRMC), government organizations, non-government organizations, supporters and most specially the donors, Abdulrasheed Ambil, BDA-CenMin Regional Manager pointed out.

He acknowledged the City Mall of Cotabato City as new partner of BDA-CenMin for a healthy life and saving lives through blood donation.