Madrasah teachers complete MSU-Gensan’s sponsored teaching strategies seminar-workshop

More than thirty Madrasah teachers from General Santos City and Sarangani Province completed the seminar-workshop on teaching techniques/strategies and sports management sponsored by Mindanao State University-General Santos held on eight Wednesdays in the months of January to March.

The activity was part of the university’s initiative to help enhance the teaching capabilities of the participants who handles classes on Saturdays and Sundays in their respective Madrasah centers.

“We learned a lot from the facilitators,” said Ustadz Mahmod Wasag, one of the participants from Sarangani Province and added, “It was a very good training.”

Wasag said they were taught on some tips on how to catch the attention of the learners especially those very young ones.

“Now we know that before we start our lecture, we need to motivate our pupils and before we end, we need to wrap up what we taught them,” he related.

Maguindanaon professors of MSU-Gensan were tapped to facilitate the training.

Part of the training was an educational exposure to a Madrasah at Davao City that offers a curriculum with both Islamic and secular subjects.

Muslim parents send their children to Madaris (plural of Madrasah) to acquire knowledge on Islamic values, Islamic history, Islamic jurisprudence as well as reading and understanding the Holy Qur’an.

Aside from Madaris public elementary and secondary schools offer the subject Arabic Literacy and Islamic Values Education (ALIVE) to Muslim pupils and students.

The operation of most Madrasah centers is sustained by the help of parents and other stakeholders through contributions and donations.

Most often, the construction of many madrasah centers are sponsored by benevolent Arabs or well-off Moro individuals or families.

MSU-Gensan is under the leadership of Chancellor Atty. Abdurrahman T. Canacan. He said they will try to find ways to provide similar training to other Asatidz (Madrasah teachers) in the coming months.

There are approximately 300 Madrasah teachers in General Santos City and Sarangani Province.

The local government units of Davao City, General Santos City and the Province of Sarangani support the operation of Madrasah education through the provision of honoraria for their Asatidz and capability-building trainings.