Tarbiyyah Committee presents Bangsamoro Strategic Plan on Education and Culture Development

The key officials of the Education Committee presented the First Bangsamoro Strategic Plan on Education and Culture Development (FBSP-ECD) 2017-2035 held at Ma’had Manarapan, Carmen, North Cotabato on April 1, 2017 with tagline “Balanced and Quality Education for all”. The consultation assembly aims primarily to understand the Bangsamoro education curriculum that can deliver balanced literacy programs, sustain peace and harmonious co-existence and participation of all education stakeholders in all levels of education.   It was attended by more than two hundred key stakeholders from different committees of the Kapalawan Provincial Political Committee (KPPC). 

The program presentation started with the reading of verses of the Noble Qur’an.  The welcome address was delivered by Mike Alamada.

Cotabato Provincial Board Member Kelly “Maestro” Antao gave an inspirational message. He emphasized the importance of having a Bangsamoro strategic plan in support to the formulation of the Bangsamoro basic education curriculum. 

Aleema Norhaya Hadji Yusof expressed her gratitude to the Tarbiyyah TWG who showed their skills, exerted efforts and made sacrifices to come up with the education curriculum. 

Shiekh Nash P. Yusof Alhaj appreciated the efforts of the organizers who provided the necessary support to the activity. He ended up his message by challenging everyone to aspire more and encouraged the participants to listen to the lecture-presentation attentively.

Shiekh Norden Husain Alhaj presented the First Bangsamoro Strategic Plan on Education and Culture Development. He explained the committee structure and the regulatory framework of the strategic plan that were formulated based on the provisions of the signed Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB). 

 The CAB provides for the formulation of a development plan that is consistent with the national development goals while recognizing the Bangsamoro unique needs, ideals and aspiration of the Bangsamoro. 

He also emphasized the creation of Bangsamoro Ministry of Education (BMEd) that shall consist of seven bureaus such as Islamic education; Higher Education; Basic Education; Science and Technology; Culture and Heritage; Arts and Sports; and Administrative and Finance Bureau. 

Dr. Esmael Abdullah, head of the TWG elaborated that the Qur’an is central in the curriculum of Islamic Education which is primarily directed to young male and female children, The Bangsamoro basic regular education shall have 8:4:2 Scheme that pertains to Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD). He encouraged the Bangsamoro communities to open up a Tahderriyah school to complete the scheme with balanced education for all.        

Sheikh Ahmad Doli Alhaj stressed that the paradigm of the Bangsamoro Ministry Education (BMEd) shall stand in the light of the teachings of the Noble Qur’an related to education and the sayings and practices of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). It shall be a system of education that will lead the Bangsamoro People to work in accordance with established Islamic education. There shall only one unified system of education in the Bangsamoro, Shiekh Doli stressed.    

An open forum highlighted the program.