Bangsamoro stakeholders craft sustainability plan for Tahderiyyah and Madaris

Bangsamoro stakeholders gathered in a workshop at EM Manor Hotel in Cotabato City crafted a sustainability plan for the Tahderiyyah (kindergarten) and Madaris (Islamic schools) Education on April 10-13, 2017.

Key officials of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s (MILF) Tarbiyyah Committee, Political Committee, Social Welfare Committee and Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) from the central, regional and provincial levels participated in the activity.

“We are drawing up a plan on how we will be able to implement the First Strategic Plan on Bangsamoro Education and Culture Development with or without the proposed Bangsamoro government,” Sheikh Norden M. Husain, Technical Working Group Member of the Tarbiyyah Central Committee, said in an interview by Luwaran.

Husain and his team presented to the participants the First Strategic Plan on Bangsamoro Education and Culture Development that will provide a “balanced and quality education for all” in the Bangsamoro communities.

He said the Bangsamoro education shall have Arabic and English as medium of instruction delivered in equal proportion from kinder to post graduate levels.

The strategic plan on Bangsamoro education outlined the policy direction and strategy towards its realization which could easily be reached should the Bangsamoro government will be established.

In the envisioned Bangsamoro government, there will be Bangsamoro Ministry of Education that will be comprised of seven bureaus. The agency will be the lead implementer of the draft strategic plan.

The workshop participants shared their inputs on how the Madaris stakeholders in the communities could initiate undertakings to impart their support in developing the Madaris within and outside the Bangsamoro territory. 

The BDA also presented the accomplishments of Tahderiyyah Program which has been implemented since 2008 with the support of the UNICEF. The program imparts the values and teachings of Islam while developing the learning competencies of young children to make them school ready.