AYA holds 3rd General Assmebly

South Cotabato- the Agency of Youth Affairs (AYA) of Koronadal Provinceheld its 3rd General Assembly with the Theme:  Bangsamoro Youth of Today: Relinquishing the Odds, Retaining the Bonds on April 13, 2017 at Koronadal City. About 200 youths and students attended the program.

Professor Esmael A. Abdula, Executive Director of Kalilintad Peacebuilding Institute and BLMI Steering Committee member discussed the Highlights of the Bangsamoro History in connection the theme of the Assembly. 

According to him, the young generation should be aware and internalize Moro History, the story of their ancestors struggle against colonialists and the Bangsamoro contemporary struggle so that they are always reminded of the courage, gallantry and determination of their forebears in defense of Moro culture and tradition, homeland and Islam.” 

It is also equally important for the new generation to understand the contemporary struggle of the Moro people so that they can prepare for the future, and for any eventuality that may happen”, Abdula stressed.

He said that the Moros who are Muslims were centuries ahead of the colonizers in the Philippines. They have their own culture and tradition and they were governed by the sultanates. There was peace in Moro communities before colonizers arrived.

Abdula also narrated the stages of Bangsamoro Struggle for Right to Self Determination and the peace negotiations that took place, as well as the peace deals signed between the government and the Moro Fronts. 

He also mentioned the major signed agreements, the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamaoro (FAB) and the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) that recognized the legitimate cause of the Bangsamoro people that provided for the creation of the Bangsamoro new political entity in southern Philippines.

 "The launching of expanded Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) composed of 21 members is a sign of hope for the continuity and ways forward of GPH-MILF Peace Process under the New Administration of President Rodrigo RoaDuterte", Abdula added.

Abdulaziz Alib, Administrative Officer of Eastern Kutawato College Institute, said, "You, students and youths are the primary stakeholders because your participation in the peace process is the key to achieving lasting peace in Mindanao. At the end, you will reap the fruits of our struggle towards Right to Self-Determination. 

Other Speakers were, Zainoddin Ampatuwan who talked about History of Agency of Youth Affairs; Sheik Ahmad (Kiram) Agalin who talkedabout Islamic Aqeedah ; Sheik Mohammad Taha Abdulgaphor who talked about Fulfilling of Youth Role and Duties ; and Sheik Muhamad Ambod who talked about Islamic Ideology.