Over 600 Women gather at SKCC for Eeman Boosting Event

More than six hundred (600) women, including mothers, daughters and sisters, gathered at Shariff Kabunsuan Cultural Complex, ORG Compound, Cotabato City who altogether joined to learn and be inspired by different topics discussed especially chosen for women which are anchored towards the righteous teachings of Islam. This event was creatively dubbed as "The Struggle is Real".

The said program was brought to the City by an all-female organization based in Manila recognized by many as ‘Mujaddidaat’ that collaborated with the Union of Muslim Organizations (UMYO), a Cotabato City-based federation of youth organizations.  

These two groups formally signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC). The said MOC contains, among others, the following provisions:

First, that the parties mutually stand that radical group, ideologies and practices are detrimental to the proper exercise of Islamic way of life and the public general welfare, hence, the parties do not support, in any means, radical ideologies, practices, or groups and anything that may be associated thereto.

Second, that the parties mutually agree that effective and massive Islamic Da'wah could be more intensified and beneficial to all stakeholders through the conclusion of the Bangsamoro Peace Process.

The said MOC served as the tightened partnership between these two groups in terms of conducting activities and programs jointly for the sake of Allah SWT.

Cotabato City was 8th among the 9 identified locations where this event was held. These include cities of Davao, Iligan, Marawi, General Santos, Zamboanga, among others.

The Cotabato City event was graced by Ust. Abdulkahar Musa, the local speaker in the City and Salimah Pumbaya, a resource person and also an adviser of Mujaddidaat.

Ust. Musa proficiently discussed about the topic "Living One's Purpose" which focused on the purpose of creation of man that is to become the Khalifah (vicegerent) of Allah in this world, and to worship HIM alone. 

He also commented on the title itself "The Struggle is Real" and asked the crowd what is the real struggle. According to him, struggle in the Qur'an means fighting in the way of Allah to counter oppressions against the minority. The real struggle here in the locality is the decades-long deprivation of the Bangsamoro People’s Right to Self Determination. 

On the other hand, Salimah Pumbaya or Kaka Sally joyfully discussed about the topic on "Comparison is thief of Joy". During her lecture, she reminded the participants to beware of comparing themselves with others that creates negative impressions of their own selves that result to envy and jealousy. 

In the afternoon, she discussed about Ideal Family in Islam where she highlighted the great role of women in raising a better future generation.

All throughout the event, people inside the hall had continuously worn their beautiful smiles. The participants enjoyed the program and learned a lot at the same time. On that point that the participants went home wiping their tears because of the touching lectures and videos, the event had overall positive impact to the audience as they go home, they could internalize and apply all their learnings from the program.

As women are considered half of the society, the organizers are hopeful to have more projects to come to continually improve the personality and character especially of our women towards Islamic accords and most especially for them to become better worshipers of Allah for a sole purpose of showcasing that ISLAM is Rahmatan lil 'Aalameen (a Blessing to All Creations).