Arab missionary lectures Moro Ulama, Imams on violent radicalism

An Arab missionary gave lecture to Moro Ulama and Imams on violent radicalism and urged the local religious leaders to act against the influence of radical groups espousing violence to advance their cause.

Sheikh Omar Ubaid-Mubarak Basal-ah, a representative from the Association of Darrul Bir of Dubai, shared his knowledge about Shi’ah and ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) during the First Conference for Imam and Du’at held at Alnor Hotel in Cotabato City on April 12-13.

More than hundred members of Tarbiyyah, Da’wah and Shari’ah from the 21 provinces of Bangsamoro Homeland attended the event that was organized by Darrul Irshad Qur’anic Center.

Sheikh Omar discussed Ibadah (worship), Iman (faith) and why Islam is considered as a gift and mercy to mankind.

He mentioned about Khawaarij (deviant sects who follow their whims and desires) and why those are dangerous.

The resource person noted how easy for the radical groups to accuse Muslims who do not support their cause as kufar (non-believers).

As a counter-measure, he hinted that there is a need to intensify Da’wah (call to Allah) and advocate the real teaching of Islam which is to spread peace and harmony.

Violent radicalism is one of the major security concerns in the world today. In the Philippines, some local armed groups have already pledged allegiance to ISIS.

In the past months, local Ulama and Moro associations have been conducting anti-radicalism and anti-illegal drugs advocacy in the localities. 

Among these are peace advocate organizations like the United Muslim Youth Organization, AFADMin and Bangsamoro Communications Network.

The provincial government of Sarangani, together with the local Moro groups, has been initiating province-wide drive against violent radicalism and illegal drugs.