MNLF offers to help address problem with Abu Sayaaf

The Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) has offered to help the Duterte administration address the problem with Abu Sayyaf bandits, said an online report by Philstar on April 29.

“We are willing to share information on the involvement of some law enforces and government officials in the illegal activities of Abu Sayaaf”, said MNLF Spokesman Emmanuel Fontanilla.

 “Police and military action against Abu Sayyaf bandits will not address kidnapping…unless their protectors are exposed,” Fontanilla also said.

Fontanilla added that, “Kidnapping by Abu Sayyaf bandits involves government assets who pinpoint target areas and personalities”.

“Kidnapping has become a lucrative business because the victims, particularly foreigners, pay ransom for the release of their relatives. The ransom runs to millions of dollars,” Fontanilla said. “Everyone who kidnaps, shelters and negotiates for ransom gets his share.”

 “Police Superintendent Maria Cristina Nobleza could be the key to identifying government officials with links to the Abu Sayyaf”, Fontanilla said.

“The arrest of Nobleza and her alleged Abu Sayyaf lover Reneer Lou Dongon confirmed rumors in Sulu and Basilan on the alleged collusion of the Abu Sayyaf with some people in government”, Philstar quoted Fontanila  saying.