UMYO conducts Pre-Ramadhan Symposium

COTABATO CITY ----- Union of Muslim Youth Organizations (UMYO) in collaboration with Inter-School Muslim Organization (ISMO-Davao), Integrated Muslim Youth Federation (IMYF-Davao), Tacurong Muslim Youth Society (TMYS-Tacurong City) and Muslim Student Organization (Notre Dame of Marvel University-Koronadal City ) conducted a Pre-Ramadhan Symposium with the theme “Kaya Mo ba ang Forever (Can you do the forever)?” on May 15, 2017 at the Shariff Kabunsuan Cultural Complex, ORC Compound, Cotabato City.

Ustadz Ameruddin Batua, a resource speaker from Youth Peace Propagators’ Association, said, “Ramadhan brings forever. This forever is the Paradise --- a place in the hereafter where all believers in Allah will live forever.” 

“Forever is not free. We must work hard in accordance with Islam to achieve our forever goal”, added Ustadz Batua.

“Unlike in social media, some netizens are posting that there is no forever. But in Islam, forever is true and is attainable”, Uz. Batua further said.

“Ramadhan is our great visitor that we should take care of. Welcoming Ramadhan with sincerity symbolizes our strong faith in Allah”, emphasized Ustadz Batua.

Ustadz Andil Tuanadatu, another resource speaker from Ginakit Foundation Incorporated said,  “Ramadhan is the mercy from Allah. It develops taqwa --- a fear of Allah in which believers must do good deeds and prevent from doing bad deeds”. 

“Ramadhan multiplies the essence and rewards of those who are fasting. Love and taqwa are two secrets of Ramadhan that enrich the faith of believers. You cannot realize these secrets until you read, understand and implement them in your daily life”, Ustadz Tuanadatu said further.

“Fasting rich people may feel the situation of the poor. It empathize the sacrifices of people who are aiming for stable economic status and peaceful life”, highlighted Ustadz Tuanadatu.

 Ustadz Salahuddin Lantong, last speaker from Jum’iyyatul Huffaz Bil Filibeen, articulated the right belief and good deeds incorporating desire to achieve the forever.

“Allah is the foundation of forever. He himself is a forever. His words (Qur’an) are the guidelines towards forever. There are two forever in Islam: Paradise and Hell. Paradise is the forever dwelling for those who believe in Allah. However, Hell is the forever dwelling for those who do not believe in Allah”, emphasized Ustadz Lantong.

“Ramadhan is the month of Qur’an. People who read, understand, internalize and perform the meanings of Qur’an will attain the forever, the Paradise. Besides, Brotherhood in Islam is considered a great factor in reaching the forever. Therefore, we must value the teachings of Ramadhan, generally the Qur’an, to receive the forever mercy of Allah.”

Some participants shared their Ramadhan goals setting to enrich their knowledge and do more good deeds to strengthen their faith.