'Lack of understanding of history fuels biases against Muslims’: British Envoy

“The lack of understanding of history fuels biases against Muslims as the ongoing clashes in Marawi City revive anti-Muslims sentiments in the country”, Asif Ahmad, British Ambassador to the Philippines said as quoted by Rappler in its July 10 report. 

In an interview with reporters Wednesday, June 7, Ahmad explained: "If people understand Filipino history, they'll recognize that the Muslims in the Philippines, as well as the Catholics and others, are Filipinos. They have a shared history. They have a lot to learn from each other."

Ahmad also pointed out that Christians and Muslims in the Philippines "have lived together" closely, and "the missionaries have done great work socially as well as in education."

In the United Kingdom, he added, "you've seen Muslims and Jews praying together for the bereaved" in the recent Manshester terror attack, which killed at least 22 people, Ahmad also said.

 “There is no interfaith conflict. There is a conflict between people who are religious and spiritual, and with people of no faith and no humanity whatsoever, Ahmad added.