IN PHOTO- Upi Moro residents attending an activity at the Poblacion proper of Nuro

UPI Madrasah Council institutionalized by LGU-UPI as platform in addressing emergence of violent religious extremism

UPI, MAGUINDANAO-(September 26 , 2017) - The Upi Madrasah Council in the town of Upi, Maguindanao is a Multi - Muslim sectoral group established in 2001 thru an executive order issued by Mayor Ramon A. Piang Sr. when he assumed office as part of his peace initiative by putting up a madrasah in every barangay that has Moro community and subsidizing the same by giving a honorarium to the Asatidz ( pl. ustadz ). At present, the Municipality of Upi has 14 Madaris and 79 Asatidz.

The Madrasah education is under the supervision of Upi Madrasah Council headed by former Vice Mayor Abdullah P. Salik Jr. as part of his voluntary work in the peace process and development in the Bangsamoro communities.     

Upi Madrasah Council is re - organized with clear mandate and its officers were inducted by Mayor Piang simultaneously with the officers and members of the Upi Consultative Assembly last Sunday (September 24) during their activity.

The council is the policy making body of Madrasah Education with 17 council members. Part of their responsibilities is to recommend to the Chief Executive policies and strategies on how to combat violent religious extremism and radicalism. 

It also includes accreditation of all madaris and masajids in the municipality and if possible come up with a uniform curriculum in coordination with the Bureau of Madaris, DepEd- ARMM and other Islamic agencies that could help in sustaining the program and prepare " common messaging " to be used for " khutba " ( sermon ) during Friday prayers and other initiatives that could prevent the coming in of " foreign ideologies " that may lead to violent extremism and radicalism contrary to the teachings of the Holy Prophet ( PBUH ) and the Glorious Qur'an.

Mayor Piang in his message during the oath taking ceremony requested the members of Madrasah Council to submit plans and programs for him to study and possible funding support in sustaining Islamic Education in the Municipality.