BDA kicks-off planning workshops on community - based prevention of violent extremism in Bangsamoro

DAVAO CITY  -  A Planning Workshop on Community-Based Prevention of Violent Extremism in the Bangsamoro kicked off yesterday, November 6, 2017 in Davao City. 

Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) headed by Executive Director Dr. Muhammad S. Ya’acob  is spearheading the activity that will culminate on November 11 , 2017 at Microtel Inn and Suites this city.

The planning workshop is supported by the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (CHD) and The Asia Foundation ( TAF ).

The Marawi siege is a clear indication that violent extremism (VE) is a reality in the Bangsamoro. Though, violent extremism (e.g. Abu Sayyaf Group) has been present in Mindanao for decades, the conflict in Marawi revealed that VE is difficult to contain and it can erupt anytime and anywhere in the Bangsamoro homeland.      

The recruitment scheme " for the extremist group is a public knowledge and widespread in the Bangsamoro core area that necessitates an urgent actions to mobilize communities all over Bangsamoro homeland and counter violent extremism by controlling their recruitment scheme and make sure that all stakeholders (community leaders, the LGUs , religious leaders , parents , teachers ) are going to develop an antenna for signals of emerging violent extremism in their respective communities.

Violent extremism emerges in complex and confusing realities and effective programming should start from understanding of that reality. There is no such simple - cause - effect analysis to make regarding violent extremism.

 A mixture of religious, social, political and economic factors are contributory to violent extremism but in no case that these mixtures can be the same. Given this scenario, the complexity requires constant and deep analysis without ever being able to come to a final conclusion. This complexity should not lead us into paralysis as we need to act now before it will be too late.

The BDA as a development arm of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front has more than 10 years of experience in community driven development programs tasked to develop a program on the prevention of violent extremism. This initiative will redound to peace and stability of the Bangsamoro communities.