Jaafar invited to Al-Muslimin Golden Anniversary

The Al-Muslimin Alpha Phi, Inc. (AMAPHI) celebrated its 50 Years “Golden Anniversary” with a Theme: “Reminiscing 50 years of Solidarity, Service and Leadership, in pursuit for excellence” held on November 19, 2017 at Genalyn’s Resort and Convention Center in Tacurong City.

Maguindanao Provincial Governor Esmael “Toto” Mangudadatu in his inspirational message said, “There were many existing organizations but I rather joined with AMAPHI because of trust and confidence I have been observed with our brothers. I admitted that there were instances the group has divided because of its principles but later the sense of true brotherhood in Islam remains stronger than ever,” Mangudadatu said. 

In his message, BTC Chairman and 1ST Vice Chairman of the MILF, Central Committee Ghazali Jaafar related the historical background of the Bangsamoro struggle against foreign invaders starting from the coming of the Spaniards in 1521. Under foreign colonialism, the Bangsamoro were oppressed, marginalized and deprived of their rights to govern themselves. The policy of national integration aimed to assimilate the Moro people into the mainstream society were met with strong resistance from the Moro warriors in a period of 377 years without let up, Jaafar stressed. 

In 1968, AMAPHI was founded and organized by the group of prominent Muslim students in Manila. They led staged various protests and demonstration in the main streets of Metro Manila before the declaration of Martial law in 1972.  Some of them were recruited to undergo training abroad that became to be known as Top 90. One of them was the late Commander Amelil Malaguiok or Commander who became Chairman of the Kutawato Revolutionary Committee (KRC).  

About 98 members who attended its 50 years “Golden Anniversary” were Maguindanaon professionals holding key positions in the government. Other members were Governor Esmael “Toto” Mangudadatu, Mayor Datu Genuine Kamaong of Datu Piang, Mayor Ramdatu Angas of Sultan sa Barongis, Mayor Freddie Mangudadatu of Mangudadatu municipality, Secretary General Datu Antao Midtimabng, Sultan Tungko Saikol and Sr. founder Datumla Sabpa.  

In 1898, the “Treaty of Paris” was signed In Paris, France were Spain ceded the archipelago to the Americans that included the Moro territory without the consent of the Moros. The historical injustices against the Bangsamoro people thus continued under the American Foreign colonialism, Jaafar stressed. 

In 1906, about 994 Bangsamoro were massacred by American soldiers in Bud Dajo. Seven (7) years later, some 2,000 Bangsamoro were also massacred by American soldiers in 1913 at Bud Bagsak of which, 196 victims were women, and 340 were minors, he added  

The Bangsamoro injustices continued to proliferate up to the present. The only alternative solution is the implementation of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB), the duly signed negotiated political settlement of the Bangsamoro issue in Mindanao, Jaafar emphasized. 

Jaafar urged the Al-Muslim Brothers to strengthen unity and solidarity for the timely submission of the BBL in Congress. No less than House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez who authored the BBL. House Majority Floor Leader Congressman Farinas endorsed the BBL with some 98 Congressmen endorsed it. The Bangsamoro struggle for several decades is the struggle of the entire Bangsamoro. Not even a single Bangsamoro that does not participate in our struggle nor had a brother martyred in fighting for a cause, the BTC Chairman said. 

Jaafar clarified the issues that Bangsamoro government is not solely for the MILF, not only for the MNLF but inclusive to the entire Bangsamoro, non-Bangsamoro IP’s and settlers in the Bangsamoro core territory. 

The proposed Bangsamoro government is a government of the Bangsamoro by the Bangsamoro and for the Bangsamoro, and govern by Laws. There’s nothing to worry about the issues on the abolition of the ARMM. Everybody will be given a privilege or freedom of choice. Whether they want to join or not. If they are qualified and want to join in the Bangsamoro, then, they are all welcome, Jaafar said. 

The Al-Muslim Alpha Phi, brothers and sisters were enlightened to the main objectives of the Bangsamoro government. They expressed full support for the passage of the BBL by Congress, one Al-Muslimin officer said.