IN PHOTO- Mayor Isabelle ‘Beng” Climaco of Zamboanga City

Mayor Climaco is desperate, ignores current situation, historical facts

“Zamboanga City cannot be, can never be, and must never ever be part of homeland Bangsamoro.” This is the consistent statement, obstinate stand, and stubborn rejection by Zamboanga City Mayor Maria Isabel Climaco Salazar of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). 

Lately, in a talk show segment of television program hosted by co-anti BBL host, she was quoted saying “There is no MILF in the City of Zamboanga, and recently convened the Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC)-Region IX that came up with a Resolution No. 06-2017 “declaring that there is no presence of MILF, and MNLF communities in Region -IX.”

Mayor Climaco is becoming desperate, and she is ignoring the reality in Zamboanga, and the historical facts on the pre-colonial existence of the Moro People in the Zamboanga Region. 

In a Luwaran editorial dated December 16, 2017, the MILF said, “It is not good for her to deny the existence of these MILF communities/areas in this region; the facts on the ground, on the contrary, are overwhelming and they cannot be suppressed. It is like beating the surface of water which splashes back right into the face of the beater or person.

What a shame, and big lie!!! What has driven the bellicose mayor to desperation to shamelessly uttered such unfounded claim justifying her unwavering hardstand against inclusion of Zamboanga City to Bangsamoro? Was she in her state of sanity conscious, and prudently aware of her anti-Moro dialectic?

Such an act of provocation by the mayor is tantamount to declaration of war against the Moro fronts based in Region -9 communities. Are those valiant fighters in Zamboanga gone? Were all of them annihilated, and got martyred in protracted war since 1970? Were all of them gone forever leaving no offspring to continue unfinished task they have left of? Of course no. They are very much alive, and multiplying in numbers and existing in every community in Region- 9, contrary to Mayor Climaco-led RPOC declaration.

Such false declaration is obviously aimed, and bringing the attention of congress to urgently convince them to expunge the “opt-in” provision from BTC Draft BBL. 

Will the Moros all over the island provinces, and mainland Mindanao allow her to successfully usurp a part of Moroland, and thereafter live happily at their expense? Even if the mayor has all the liberty in asserting her democratic right to freedom of speech, the Bangsamoro people should break their silence to assert their democratic right to freedom, and right to self-determination.

Most number of Barangay’s and sitios in Zamboanga City are Moro by name except for few manipulated, and concocted from Moro to Latin, i.e Sta.Maria, Sta. Barbara, San Roque, San Jose.... How can Mayor Climaco explain this? How would she unhook herself from the anomalous act?

There is no mention of Chavacano as a people in any Moro history books written, and authored by either Filipinos or foreign historians. What Book of history could you present to the world mentioning Chavacano existence before the Spaniards set foot to Moroland to affirm your claim on Zamboanga as the only “Latin City of Asia?” Which tribe or people can the Chavacanos proudly trace their roots?

Chavacanos existence as social entity was nowhere to be found during the glorious days of the Sultanates of Sulu and Maguindanao. The Moro Tausogs were the overlord in western part of Mindanao, and Palawan. The Iranun, and  Maguindanaon were the overlord of the entire mainland Mindanao. 

Both the Tausog and Maguindanao existed before, and still existing until now, whereas the Chavacano emerged as a people only after colonialist Spaniards left the Philippines. Where were you in those glorious days? Were you hiding from the Moro overlord, the sultans?

An engraved historical landmark at the threshold of city hall reads: ANG GUSALING ITO AY SIMBOLO NG LUKLUKANG PAMAHALANG MUSLIM SA PANAHON NG PANANAKOP NG GOBYERNONG ESTADOS UNIDOS DE AMERIKA, 1906-1917”. It was then an attraction to every passing public. Now it is eternally blackened to conceal what history had to say about Zamboanga as capital of Moro province. 

Mayor Climaco is being reminded by the Moros of Zamboanga Region to bear in mind that she can kill the dreamers but can never kill their dreams.