Photo courtesy of the United Nations

UN member states pass resolution seeking investigation of violence in Israeli border with Gaza

UN Member States passed a resolution to probe weeks of violence on the Israeli border with Gaza during a special session of the UN Human Rights Council yesterday following the death of 60 Palestinian demonstrators during the bloody dispersal on Monday (May 14) by Israeli forces where live ammunition fire was used.

“The draft text called for the Council to “investigate all alleged violations and abuses of international humanitarian law and international human rights law” in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and particularly the occupied Gaza Strip, since 30 March; the date when demonstrations along the border with Israel began, dubbed the Great March of Return,” a news article in the UN website posted.

Palestine and Arab group of states requested for the resolution for the conduct of the said investigation. It was adopted by 29 votes in favor with two opposition and 14 abstention.

During the session, UN Human Rights Chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, said the lethal protest dispersal where 60 Palestinians were killed was the highest one-day death toll since the 2014 hostility in Gaza.

“Although some of the demonstrators used Molotov cocktails, used slingshots to throw stones, flew burning kites to Israel and attempted to use wire cutters against the two fences between Gaza and Israel, these actions alone do not appear to constitute an imminent threat to life or deadly injury which could justify for the use of lethal force,” Mr Zeid said.

 He added, “Palestinians have exactly the same human rights as Israelis do. They have the same rights to live safely in their homes, in freedom, with adequate and essential services and opportunities.”

“And of this essential core of entitlements due to every human being, they are systematically deprived”, the UN Human Rights Chief further said.

“They are, in essence, caged in a toxic slum from birth to death; deprived of dignity; de-humanised by the Israeli authorities to such a point it appears officials do not even consider that these men and women have a right, as well as every reason, to protest,” Mr. Zeid underscored. (Source: