In photo-Von Al Haq, Civil and Military Spokesman of the MILF (in sunglasses holding a microphone) delivers his message during the General Assembly of Bangsaamoro Martial Arts Association at Camp Darapanan, on January 6

Bangsamoro Martial Arts Associations declare Yes to BOL

There were 48 Bangsamoro Martial Arts Associations that declared yes to the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) in a General Assembly held at Camp Darapanan, Simuay, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao on January 6, 2019. 

The declaration was made many times but they were unanimous just like from the first declaration.

Guest of honor and speaker was Von Al Haq, the Civil and Military Spokesman of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). 

He is the Civil and Military Spokesman of the MILF. The associations are led by their respective presidents or their senior officials. They are offered equal treatment in the affair but the Razaq Amal Haraka Association (RAHA) appears with prominence as the guest of honor and speaker hailed it as his former mentor in self-defense. 

Another reason, it is notable is because its founder, the late Razak Bandira has an unparalleled background with most decorated achievements in martial arts. He graduated number one in the famous Shaolin Temple (Martial Arts School) at Japan. This was after having undergone schooling in Malaysia and in many parts of our country in silat, kuntaw, karate, judo, etc. 

He was the South East Asian champion in martial arts during his senior years in Japan school of martial arts.

Al Haq praised the unity of the different associations in coming for a convergence. He said, the different associations should come up with a unified school of martial arts with common lessons, techniques and others which must be called Bangsamoro martial Arts. 

Ustadz Abdulkadir Abdullah, a renown religious leader speaks also during the occasion. He said jokingly, he is now a Master. He said, martial art is not new to Islam. Since the time of the Prophet (Peace be upon him), one member of his companions already possessed expertise in martial arts. 

Every association was given few minutes to say brief statements on their group. Every part of the program has intervening exhibition. 

In the middle of the first two parts of the program were some exhibitions showing a master having “extensive ability in tumbling”, both going forward and backward. The next exhibition in the interval of parts two and three was “to rescue a member of a group” amid furious rumble between adversary groups. 

Between part three and four were exhibitions showing “one-minute technique, two minutes-technique, and three minutes-technique”. 

Between parts four and five were some exhibitions on “technique in disarming knife attacker”. Between parts five and six were exhibitions showing “technique in fighting with short bat on both fighters”. 

Then “with short bat on one fighter and empty hands on the other fighter”. Then “disarming a horizontal knife attacker”. Then disarming a slanting knife attacker”. These were done at some twenty times. They were performed by the RAHA group. 

The last exhibitions were also “techniques in disarming bat armed attacker”. They were performed at about five times. The performers in the exhibitions were all having position as masters or teachers in their respective clubs.