“By 2040 Philippines is Poverty Free” - NAPC

COTABATO CITY – In a press conference held Wednesday at the Badjao Hall, BARMM, Lawyer Noel Felongco, Secretary of the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) said that President Rodrigo Duterte would want to eradicate poverty incidence in the country by 2040.

Felongco said a 5-year development plan was crafted and is the NAPC contributions to the instruction of Duterte to reduce country’s poverty incidence in his term from 21.6% in 2015 to 14% or lower by 2022. “This means 22 Million Filipinos experiencing poverty,” he stressed.

“The instructions of Duterte is to lower down that record to 14% meaning that is tantamount to around 6-8 Million Filipinos lifted out from poverty.

The 5-year development plan is also the NAPC contributions to the full realization of vison of the President to really eradicate poverty in 2040 through the Executive Order No. 5 which called “ambition natin 2040”.

Felongco said that by 2040, 0% poverty in the Philippines will be observed. “All Filipinos will enjoy comfortable life, and nobody person and place will be left behind in terms of economic growth in our country,” Felongco pointed out.

The main reason why NAPC meet the LGUs and line agencies is to implement plan. 

NAPC also made a courtesy call to BARMM BTA Interim Chief Minister Ahod B. Ebrahim before the press conference held on July 3 inside the Badjao Hall, BARMM, Cotabato City where he submitted copy of poverty situation analysis in the BARMM.

The NAPC made a proposal to BARMM to create office that will cater concerning rural development and poverty reduction.

Felongco revealed that among of the 40 provinces in the country there are BARMM provinces included in the top 5 of high incidence of poverty.

In the First half of 2018 poverty incidence Sulu has 74.3% poverty incidence, followed by Lanao del Sur 73.7%, Basilan with 72.1%, Maguindanao is 55.1%, Tawitawi is at 23.4% and Cotabato City is 48.7%.

“Over all poverty incidence in BARMM according PSA survey has 63% in the first half of 2018,” Felongco said.

The NAPC has been mandated to oversee, monitor and recommend measures to ensure the effective formulation, resource allocation and management of the program.