Hundreds witness Ramadhan “Battle of Champions

Cotabato City – Hundreds of people from Cotabato City and nearby municipalities flocked to the city plaza to witness a Holy Qur’an Reading Contest or Battle of Champions last Sunday night, July 4. 

The program entitled “Suara nu Ramadhan sa Bangsamoro” or Voice of Ramadhan in Bangsamoro began since the start of Holy Month of Ramadan and aired by Suara Mindanao over DXMY-RMN Cotabato City. 

“This contest that started in 2002 has produced many well-known Qur’an readers some of them have joined international Qur’an Reading Competitions,” Ama ni Samrod, Suara Mindanao Deputy Director, told the audience. 

Aside from reading and recitation of the Qur’an, prominent ulama (Islamic Scholars) gave lectures about Islam before the competition starts every night.

Before the end of the program, a Plaque of Appreciation was awarded to City Mayor Japal “Jojo” Guiani Jr. and Vice Mayor Atty. Frances Cinthia J. Guiani-Sayadi for their full support to the program.