UNYPAD Chapters hold series of Ramadhan Symposia

Cotabato City – Earlier this holy month of Ramadhan 2016, the UNYPAD-North Cotabato Cluster 2, Maguindanao Cluster 1 and 2 held several Islamic symposia in different municipal chapters in Cotabato and Maguindanao as a tradition of the organization since its inception in 2004.

“The month of Ramadhan is a great opportunity to observe on bringing back a balance and healthy lifestyle. Through fasting you will learn how to manage you’re eating habits and improve self-discipline,” said Ustadz Suharto Mamengkog of the Da’wah and Education Committee of UNYPAD National Chapter.

“UNYPAD records showed that the organization had been regularly holding activities every Ramadhan with about 40 symposia conducted by its chapters nationwide in the past”, Mamengkog said.

The Maguindanao-Cluster 1 and 2, Pikit Municipal Chapters of North Cotabato Cluster 2, and the National Women Affairs Committee (WAC) facilitated by the Office of Sub-Committee Office of Da’wah and Education had conducted ten (10) Islamic Symposia covering the areas of Parang, Matanog, Buldon, Barira, Datu Anggal Midtimbang, Datu Salibo, Guindulungan, and Datu Abdullah Sangki, Pikit, Cotabato City. 

“These were all implemented in the first ten days of Ramadhan,” he added. 

The Office of the Vice President for Internal Affairs, chaired by Tu Alid Alfonso said that while Ramadhan moves day by day, invitations for the provincial chapters to hold similar activities keep coming.

Alfonso is expecting that UNYPAD-National Capital Region, Davao Region, Island Provinces, SocSarGen and Bukidnon chapter will also hold activities during Ramadhan.

The Committee on Da’wah and Education, the Office of the Vice President and the Secretary General are keeping their line of communication open to be able to respond to request of the chapters for holding similar activity.

Ustadz Mamengkog, Ustadz Haris Abdulkarim, Thoe Bin Abdullah, Ustadz Mohamidin Solaiman, and Yusoph Lumambas are the designated fulltime speakers.

Meantime, Ustadz Abiden Tago, Chairman of the UNYPAD-Maguindanao Cluster 1 and Atty. Mahmod Tulino, Chairman of UNYPAD- Maguindanao Cluster 2, had closely monitored and supervised the programs of their chapters respectively.

Lumamabas disclosed that the important topics discussed were the Significance of Ramadhan and the current situation of the Bangsamoro people vis-à-vis the GPH, MILF, MNLF peace processes.