Young Moro Professionals Network decries Marcos burial in LNMB

Joining the rest of the Filipino people who are protesting the burial of the late President Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB), the Young Moro Professionals Network (YMPN) issued a statement deploring the giving of space for the late dictator in the resting place dedicated for the heroes of the country.

In a statement issued yesterday (Nov 18) after the nation learned the unnoticed burial for the late president facilitated by the Marcos family, the YMPN said “There is no darker period in our recent history than the Martial Law era.”

“There is hardly any Bangsamoro family that was left untouched by death and grief during the Marcos dictatorship. To this day, we carry with us stories of men killed in mosques, women raped in villages, and children left orphaned by countless human rights violations across the region and all throughout Mindanao during the term of the late Ferdinand Marcos,” said the statement.

On the grounds of bringing orderliness in the country brought by protests and in order to quell rebellion in the early 70s, Marcos declared Martial law in September 21, 1972.

The statement emphasized, “Today, the man who set the wheels of Martial Law in motion was buried in a place supposedly reserved for people who have faithfully served our country.”

The group said President Marcos buried the country in debt and “left us mourning our dead as he stole from the country's coffers and pillaged our nation for more than 20 years.”

YMPN said, “Our elders passed on their account of history to us so we can learn from it, and our history is replete with stories of how Martial Law has changed the lives of our people.”

The Moro yuppies further said, “To deny that these atrocities happened and to forget the suffering it has caused is to betray our history as people who fought for freedom from the dark days of dictatorship. 

“That he was buried in an attempt to force our people to move on and to forget is inconsolable and unforgivable. Nothing can change history. Nothing can change the truth. Marcos is no hero,” the young Moro professionals pointed out.

In his facebook post, Antara Alfonso, a young Moro businessman, echoed one of the protesters against the burial of Marcos who said, "There will be no peace without JUSTICE." 

“That is what the Bangsamoro people have been shouting ever since but the ignorants keep on saying that problem in Mindanao is poverty,” he said

“But poverty is just one of the many consequences of the INJUSTICES committed against the bangsamoro people,” Alfonso pointed out and added “together, lets don't allow INJUSTICES be committed against whoever.”

Selahuddin Hashim from the Moropreneur aired his sentiment over the social media saying “Today, justice and human rights are totally undermined by the very democratic institutions and laws that this country supposedly espoused.

He said, “Today, I cannot be silenced. Surprised by the 'hokage' burial of the dictator, I take this act to be disrespectful, shameful and lowly.”

A group of angry protesters were ranting “Bayan, Bayan, Bayan ko. Di pa tapos ang laban mo. Hukayin mo, hukayin mo,” along Roxas boulevard  at Davao City on Saturday evening.