Bangsamoro Social Enterprise Advocacy Team to visit United Kingdom

Manila –Some members of the advocacy group of Civil Society Organization in Social Enterprise Education and Development (CSO-SEED is set to visit London and Belfast in United Kingdom starting today until July 29 to learn from the UK Social Enterprise sector, and discuss its relevance and possible adaptation to the policy making in ARMM and the proposed Bangsamoro region. 

 CSO-SEED is a multi-stakeholders group driven by social objective organizations in the Philippines.

The delegation is composed of ten (10) from the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) and four (4) members of the CSO-SEED Project Team.  

The delegates from ARMM led by Honorable Secretary Atty. Anwar Malang of DTI-ARMM together with other government representatives from the ARMM region and Civil Society Leaders will facilitate awareness raisings on social enterprise and promote policy reforms to boost the sector in the regions. Lessons learned and best practices will be shared in support of building viable social enterprises that resolves current challenges such as unemployment and income inequalities.

The CSO-SEED is a project led by the British Council and co-funded by the European Union (EU) in the Philippines which aims to strengthen and improved civil society capacity participation in policy reforms and to develop an environment conducive to decent work, job creation and SMEs development project via social enterprise.

The social enterprises offer a sustainable and empowering community to support inclusive business growth, reducing barriers to economic security particularly for vulnerable groups. It can play a role in supporting the development plan of ARMM and other Bangsamoro areas with key issues such as poverty, lack of access to potable water, energy, 

Islamic banking system, farm mechanization, poor education outcomes and hunger among others can be addressed through social enterprises with the support from government and private bodies.

The British Council supports the development of social enterprise around the world like Philippines because they believe it offers a sustainable approach for addressing a wide range of societal challenges and contribute to making societies more prosperous, inclusive and secure.

Mr. Gomer Padong, Executive Director of the Philippines Social Enterprise Network (PhilSEN), expressed that Social Enterprise in the country is changing the paradigm of the transactional activities to transformational enterprise impacting the Lives of the member-beneficiaries. 

 The study visit expected to increase understanding of how government has developed policy and civil society groups representing social enterprises in the UK have advocated and achieved policy change and influence and how this learning can be applicable in the Philippines. It’s also to build networks with civil society, social enterprise and government between the UK and the Philippines. 

The group was also joined by Ms. Angel Abad, Head of Society, British Council, Jay Lacsamana, Executive Director of Foundation for a Sustainable Society, Inc. (FSSI), Gomer Padong from the Philippines Social Enterprise Network, Inc. (PhilSEN), and Ferdinand Fuellos, Project Manager, CSO-SEED.   

The United Moro Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (UMCCII) is represented by its Chairman Engr. Toto Laguialaot. The UMCCII is an accredited member of the Federation of Bangsamoro Civil Society Organization (FBCSO) and now become active citizens of the CSO-SEED Advocacy Group to support the coalition building and policy engagement component and contribute to enhancing the SOCIAL ENTERPRISE environment in the Bangsamoro region.