Tawi-Tawi Bangsamoro Community leaders hold Information campaign on BOL

TANDUBAS TAWI-TAWI- October 14. 2018- Bangsamoro Community leaders along with MILF line agencies, and BIAF 117TH Base Command of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) conducted series of information drive and peace advocacies on Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) in far-flung barangays and municipalities of Tawi-Tawi. 

Providing right information and deep understanding on BOL were the main objectives of the program that was facilitated by Chairman Ibrahim Ibnohasan of MILF Municipal Political Committee, Brother Aris Khan Pamate, and some BIAF Officers and members based in Tawi-Tawi.  

The first information-drive were held at Barangays Tapian Sokah, Danglog, Tandubas on last October 3. 

On October 6, another information-drive was organized and facilitated by BIAF 117th Base Command at Tandubas School of Fisheries in Barangay Sallangan. 

Another Information-drive was held at Ungus Matata, Tandubas on October 7 after a request from community leaders in a bid to deepen their understanding on BOL so that they can convey correct and accurate information to their respective constituents. 

On October 9, representatives from BIAF 117th Base Command and Tandubas Political Committee of Tandubas proceeded to the Island Municipality of Sapa-Sapa and conducted another advocacy program at Barangay Tong-gusung Bannaran attended by local residents mostly Fisher folks and Sea-weed Farmers. 

In the open forum that ensued, Resource Speaker Mr. Tirso Sulanting Tahir from Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI) who hails from Tandubas elucidated on the BOL salient provisions by using layman’s term and local dialect (Sinama) so that it can be easily understood by local folks. 

Series of dialogue with barangay officials and sectors have also been conducted by Mr. Tahir to enlighten his fellow Sama tribe, gaining various inputs and perspectives from different individuals and groups regarding R.A 11054 or OLBARMM.  

The Peace Advocate Group of Tandubas have mapped out their plans for another peace advocacy and information drive in the province’s remote barangays and municipalities to ensure that BOL will gain a solid ground among the people of Tawi-Tawi once they fully understand the benefits under the Bangsamoro Organic Law.