Davao City crafts ordinance mandating segregation of ‘Halal foods’ in markets

Highly appreciated by Muslims of Davao City and the rest of the country, the City Council of Davao unanimously approved on third and final reading on April 19 the ordinance mandating segregation of Halal foods from Haram or forbidden food in groceries, supermarkets and other establishments. 

The measure dubbed as “Muslim-friendly ordinance” will address the problem of Muslim constituents of Davao city on cross contamination of Halal foods with pork which is forbidden for Muslims to consume. 

Using the same storage, weighing scale, slicing equipment, baskets, and trolleys opens Halal foods like fish, sea foods and chicken to contamination through direct or indirect contact with pork or swine fat. 

The proposed legislation requires stores selling raw fish, seafood, meat, processed meat products to segregate halal food from non-halal/haram food items, from delivery to storage, display, weighing slicing, carrying through baskets/carts/trolleys, until its final packing in the payment counter.

The ordinance states its purpose is “to promote, protect, and respect the religious belief, customs and traditions of our Muslim community in Davao City in their sacred concept of halal and to ensure the spiritual purity and cleanliness on their food consumption.”

Islamic faith mandates Muslims to consume only Halal foods and drinks which means free from Haram like swine products, blood, and alcohol.  

Davao city is lauded for being friendly to Muslims. The city government provides adequate support to Madaris education and free pilgrimage to Mecca. 

Thousands of Muslims from central Mindanao and island provinces live in Davao City to study, work or engage in businesses.