Moro woman reaps Int’l peace awards for interreligious peace advocacy

A Moro woman leader garnered N-Peace Awards, an international recognition for peace-builders, for her efforts in setting up an organization that espoused interreligious peace advocacy.

In the website of N-Peace Network, the institution which gives the award, it said that Mariam Barandia from the Philippines was chosen among the nominees “for her efforts to bring inter-religious peace at the grass-roots level by setting up the Kapamagogopa Incorporated, an Islamic volunteer group that brings Muslim and Christian communities together.”

Fellow peace-builders from other countries bestowed with the same recognition are Habibi Sarabi from Afghanista, Ruby Khalifah from Indonesia, Basanti Chaudihary from Nepal, Rizwana Shah from Pakistan and Sumika Perea from Sri Lanka. 

“We would like to congratulate each of our inspiring N-Peace Awards winners for their achievements and their tireless efforts in the name of Women, Peace and Security,” the peace network said.

N-Peace Awards 2016 has three categories: Untold Stories which recognizes women grassroots peacebuilders; Campaigning for Action that awards one man and one woman whose advocacy has resulted in the advancement of Women, Peace and Security; and Peace Generation that recognizes one young man and one young woman whose volunteerism has contributed to social cohesion and gender equality.

The winners who all underwent rigorous selection process will receive their awards the N-Peace Awards Gala in February 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand.