Photo by : ARMM Bureau of Public Information

ARMM Gov Hataman, MRLs criticize proposed Muslim-only ID

ARMM Regional Governor Mujiv Hataman and Muslim Religious Leaders (MLRs) criticized the proposal to replicate in Central Luzon the reported Muslim-only ID system of Paniqui town in Tarlac, said an online report by Rappler on July 8.

In a statement on Saturday, July 9, Hataman said his region "expresses alarm over reports" that the Paniqui local government is implementing a Muslim-only ID system. 

"We believe this policy clearly discriminates against the believers of Islam and could set a dangerous precedent. It could also ignite anger among young Muslims who are the primary target for recruitment of extremist groups," Hataman said.

"If the requirement is security related, the ID system should be applied to every resident of the community, to every Filipino, not just Muslims," he added. 

In an interview with reporters on Friday, July 8, Imam Council of the Philippines president Ebra Moxir also said the proposed Muslim-only ID is saddening.

Moxir, 51, leads around 1,000 imams or Muslim clerics in the Imam Council of the Philippines, out of around 2,000 to 3,000 imams nationwide. He has also been a chaplain at the Philippine National Police for the past 21 years. 

Speaking after the launch of the Pasa Lord interfaith prayer movement on Friday, Moxir explained that their council supports an ID system if it will be implemented for all, not only for Muslims. 

“But if, for example, our brother Muslims will be singled out, majority would be sad," he said.