Residents of Tamontaka2 fled their homes after voting Yes during plebiscite due to threats

Makir, Datu Odin Sinsuat, Maguindanao-About sixty (60) residents of Barangay Tamontaka 2 in Cotabato City fled their homes after the plebiscite due to alleged threats on their lives. 

Kali Abedin, one of the evacuees said that, Barangay Captain Joven Pangilan of Tamontaka 2 threatened them they will be abducted and killed if the YES Vote for the Bangsamoro Organic Law will wins in their barangay. 

Another evacuee Abdulrashid Abdulhamid said they were physically assaulted, beaten, and their women got scared when the group of Pangilan fired on the air. For fear for their lives, they left their homes bringing with them nothing more than they can carry. 

The residents have sought temporary shelter in a private resort in Barangay Makir, Datu Odin Sinsuat. Residents of Makir headed by Barangay Captain Norodin Abas provided them with immediate needs such as food, etc. 

Datu Odin Sinsuat formerly known as Dinaig has a history of being a refuge for internally displaced persons (IDPs) since martial law time. The people in the town proper like other areas in nearby villages are so accommodating, kind, and hospitable particularly to IDPs.

Barangay Captain Abas is asking for more assistance from individuals and organizations for the needs of the evacuees. 

A resident named Mike Adzal called out to the leaders of the MILF-BIAF and MILF, and the PNP of Cotabato City to give justice to the suffering of the evacuees caused by the harassment and threats from their barangay chairman, and be provided with assistance for them to safely return to their homes and go back to normal living.

The Yes Vote won overwhelmingly against the No Vote in Cotabato City with a margin of more than 11,000K votes. The COMELEC En Banc has already proclaimed and ratified the results of the January 21st Plebiscite in the ARMM, Cotabato City and Isabela City in Basilan.