DepEd K-12 Program continues despite the challenges

COTABATO CITY – The Department of Education (DepEd) said that they will never stop the implementation of K to 12 program. This was the reaction of DepEd after a fake news circulated in social media saying that they will forego with the said program. 

An official of DepEd said in an interview that the alleged plan to stop the K to 12 program is due to misinformation circulating on social media.

“Sentiments and questions on social media pertaining to the supposed plan to scrap the K to 12 Education Program are clearly based on misinformation and lack of critical discernment,” DepEd official said.

The department believes that fake news circulated after the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) allegedly wanted to put into ‘review’ the system of K to 12 curricula.

“The claims circulating online came after the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) allegedly plans to ‘review and change’ the system for its K to 12 Transition Program and was misconstrued and refers to the entire K to 12 Program. These two are not one and the same,” the DepEd official clarified.

The DepEd stressed that they have no power to stop the curriculum because it is based on Republic Act No. 10533 or the “Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013.”

In order to junk the law, it is necessary to be part under the power of the Legislative Branch. 

The DepEd is firmed in its belief that the program has positive impact on the implementation of basic education reform in the country despite the challenges.