MBHTE Team Sulu Enumerators conduct children profiling in Maimbung villages without schools

JOLO, SULU- Team Sulu Enumerators of the Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education (MBHTE), BARMM may have been aware of uncertainties that lies ahead in their journey to seven villages of the Municipality of Maimbung, Sulu. 

Despite of rumored threats that may endanger their security, the 10-member team were unfazed and unintimidated by tell-tale story of lawless elements roaming around the villages where they are to conduct the enumeration.

The team was out to generate field level data, and evidence on unserved communities for intervention planning, facilitating preparatory activities leading to sectors planning process emanating from Memorandum Order No. 082, series of 2019.

The Twenty-Two barangays that made up the municipality of Maimbung are estimated at about twenty-eight (28) miles away from the town of Jolo, with seven (7) villages located in far flung barangays without schools. 

School children have to walk the distance as far as three kilometers (3km) a day during school days to attend classes in neighboring village.  

In such a sad situation for school children, barangay officials were appeased and elated upon knowing the humanitarian initiative of MBHTE through the enumerators (task team) who are out for children profiling. 

Enumerators task includes data gathering of village names, name of chieftains, number of sitios in each barangay, and its leaders, number of households, number of children per family, and children in or out-of-school. 

Barangay Laud Kulasi, Lunggang, Labah, Bualo Lahi, Tabuh Batuh, Lantung and Kapuk Punngol are among the identified school-less villages in the municipality of Maimbung that had been surveyed by the Sulu team of enumerators in matter of ten (10) days. 

Traditional Tausug hospitality was felt by the enumerators as gesture of gratitude to the team who brought glad tidings of possible erection of school buildings in their respective villages. 

Notably, it was in Barangay Lunggang where the enumerators felt more comfortable with the commendable hospitality of Chairwoman Mariam Indal who hosted the team during the 10-day conduct of the survey.