MBHTE Minister Iqbal Sign Bangsamoro Code's Revised, Final IRR

The formulation of the IRR is mandated by the Bangsamoro Education Code which was enacted by the Bangsamoro Transition Authority Parliament on May 18, 2021. The IRR is a product of a series of consultations with the different stakeholders of the Bangsamoro Education Community that culminates into a 2-day finalization activity facilitated by the Technical Working Group for the IRR...

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MBHTE-BARMM Grants 109-M Subsidy To 117 Standard Madrasah Curriculum Implementers

This was disclosed to Luwaran by Tahir Nalg, the MBHTE’s Director-General for Madaris Education.In a statement posted on its official Facebook Page, the MBHTE said “the financial assistance will help public and private madaris in the development of their institutions” and that 80 percent of the assistance will serve as salaries of the personnel of the concerned madaris (plural of Madrasah).Nalg...

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156 Pass 2022 Shari’ah Bar Exams

Macrina Morados, dean of the University of the Philippines Institute of Islamic Studies and chairperson of the 2022 Special Shari’ah Bar Examinations, said the Supreme Court En Banc approved the Shari’ah Bar Committee’s petition to lower the passing percentage to 70 percent (from 75 percent), taking into consideration the challenges and circumstances encountered by the examinees under...

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BTA MP Abdullah Hashim, Son Of The Late MILF Founder Salamat Hashim Slams Emergence Of Alleged Formation Of ‘MILF-Salamat Wing’

He appealed to everyone not to use his father’s name “to sow political chaos and destroy the fragile peace that we are beginning to attain, under the MILF-led BARMM (Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.” “Our father’s work and legacy have always been to work for the common good of the Bangsamoro and Muslim Ummah (community), Hashim said. It is a great disservice to his legacy...

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