Over 30 Tahderiyyah Centers Granted PTO and School ID

There are 37 Tahderiyyah Centers granted Permit to Operate (PTO), and 35 were also granted School Identification (ID) Numbers as per Department of Education (DepEd) – Central Office Memorandum DM-CI-2017-00154. 

In a report submitted to the Regional Management Office (RMO) of BDA-Central Mindanao last December 31, 2017 by Alimodin Pinamaloy, Regional Coordinator of Tahderiyyah Program – Phase 3 also known as Integrated Early Childhood Education for 5 – 6 years old Children in Bangsamoro, he said, “There are 37 Tahderiyyah Centers (TC) already granted PTO by the concerned DepEd Regional Offices in conflict-affected areas in Mindanao pursuant to the Memorandum DM-CI-2017-00154 dated June 1, 2017 signed by Dina S. Ocampo, Undersecretary for Curriculum and Instruction, DepEd-Central Office. Among these 37 TC, 35 of which were also granted School ID number.”

The Memorandum DM-CI-2017-00154 was released in response to the issue facing the Tahderiyyah completers that they experienced difficulty while enrolling in public elementary schools due to the absence of learner reference number (LRN) as a result of having no. PTO of the 811 Tahderiyyah centers supported by BDA, and UNICEF.

In particular, the Memorandum would like to address the aforementioned issue in order to facilitate the enrollment of Tahderiyyah completers in public elementary schools.

Specifically, the memorandum contains the following, to wit:  

1.  The concerned DepEd Regional Offices are advised to provide immediate instruction to all public elementary schools under their jurisdiction to accept the Tahderiyyah completers in grade 1 this school year 2017 – 2018;

2.  The receiving elementary schools shall issue LRN to the Tahderiyyah completers;

3.  While current policies and guidelines on the PTO requirements are being reviewed and analyzed, in view of formulating policy standards for community-based learning centers in terms of PTO requirements, the concerned DepEd Regional Offices will issue provisional PTO to the Tahderiyyah centers for school year 2017 – 2018, provided that the following criteria will be complied with: 

a.  The DepEd recognized Tahderiyyah Curriculum is being used;

b.  The teachers are trained on the recognized Tahderiyyah Curriculum;

c.   The environment is safe and protective of children.

4.  BDA and UNICEF will ensure that these learning centers are existing and operational.

Upon issuance of the above-stated memorandum, BDA also released Memorandum Order No, 080- informing all Regional Managers and 1 Provincial Manager in Sulu of BDA to disseminate the information from DepEd re Memorandum DM-CI-2017-00154.

The TC are located under the jurisdiction of the following DepEd Schools Division, to wit: 


Number of Tahderiyyah Centers

1.  Cotabato City Division


2.  Division of Maguindanao – 1


3.  Division of Maguindanao – 2


4.  Isulan Division


5.  Tacurong City Division


6.  Amas, Kidapawan Division


Grand Total Number of TC


As cited by Pinamaloy, “20 out of 37 TCs granted PTOs are initiatives of the RMO because only 17 TCs were covered by the project partnership of BDA with UNICEF that ended already last June 2017.”

When the project ended, we commit ourselves in behalf of BDA-Central Mindanao to render our maximum voluntarism to continue our services in order to help other TCs avail of the opportunity to apply for PTOs,” said Pinamaloy.

With regards to the 2 out of 37 TCs that were not yet granted school ID, PInamaloy also stated, “We are waiting for a time as to when it will be released by DepEd and still commit ourselves to exert follow-up efforts to the concerned Regional Office when deemed necessary.”  

When he was asked about other TCs that have not yet applied for PTO, he said, “Our maximum volunteerism is intact, and without reservation for our Tahderiyyah administrators so that we can assist them to apply for PTO.”

During his presentation, he also expressed his strong appreciation, and recognition to the management of 37 TCs granted PTOs for their efforts to improve their system of education through the Tahderiyyah curriculum.

“I congratulate all of them for the job well done with the hope, and solemn prayer that they will be modelled by the rest of other TCs,” said Pinamaloy.

Pinamaloy also expressed his thanks, and gratitude to the concerned DepEd School Divisions for their help that resulted to the release of PTOs, and School IDs at the same time expecting their kind consideration, and support to other TCs applying for PTOs. 

“I also thank the staff, and volunteers of Tahderiyyah program for their unified efforts leading to the achievement of ‘quality education of children of oppressed minority in Mindanao such as the Bangsamoro people.’”

He also thanked the partners, particularly the UNICEF for its help that serves as great contribution to the Bangsamoro, and finally the RMO, for its appropriate supervision along with the duration of project.

In his response, Shiekh Abdulrasheed Ambil, Regional Manager of BDA-Central Mindanao, thanked, and congratulated the staff of Tahderiyyah program for the successful accomplishment they achieved as a result of their unified utmost exertion in discharging their duties to deliver the responsibilities entrusted to them by the Agency.

 “The BDA implemented the Tahderiyyah program in 811 TC across Mindanao Out of 811 TC, 104 is under the direct responsibilities of BDA-Central Mindanao. With this 104 TC, only 37 were granted PTO. So, we have to work more, because the remaining 67 is far greater in number that still requires our voluntary service to assist for PTO application when they meet the agreed requirements. Let us be prepared for this concern. A concern that will mold the children of Bangsamoro for a promising future, God willing”, Ambil said.

“Finally, in behalf of BDA-Central Mindanao, We would like to extend our thanks, and gratitude to the Tarbiya Committee of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) for its active cooperation along with the project implementation; to the UNICEF with financial support from the Department of Foreign and Trade (DFAT) - Australia; and finally, to the Central Committee of MILF for its collective wisdom in approving the implementation of this development intervention in conflict affected areas in Mindanao,” Ambil concluded.