MILF chairman Alhadj Murad Ebrahim (left) Sheikh Omar Pasigan late Grand Mufti (right)

Bangsamoro mourns the demise of Former Mufti Omar Pasigan

The entire Bangsamoro has shaken up when the sad news about the death of the former Bangsamoro Grand Mufti and one of the Pillars of our Jihad broke out yesterday.

Sheikh Omar Pasigan has returned to the mercy of our Creator early morning of Monday, November 20, 2018. The news of his passing away drew up mixed emotions and sympathy over social media.

People from the different walk of lives and most colleagues from Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and religious groups have extended their condolences to bereaved families of the also the founding President of first and largest Islamic Institute in the province of Maguindanao, the Ma’had Kutawato Al-Islamic. He was also known to many as among of the Muslim scholars who finished his degree in the middle east later on help initiates and carved the formation of Bangsamoro struggle for Right to Self Determination (RSD).

Meanwhile, the leadership of the Moro Islamic Front (MILF), through its chairman Alhadj Murad Ebrahim has released his message of Sympathy to the family of the late Grand Mufti.

Photo courtesy of Jabs

“I and my family, in behalf of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the entire Bangsamoro People, wish to extend our earnest condolences to the families of As-Sahid Sheikh Omar Pasigan, ALLAHU yarhamhu”.

“We also we send our sympathies to everyone in the grief of this great loss to all”, he added. The MILF chairman also cited prayers for the former grand mufti’s highest position in paradise.

Mohagher Iqbal, chair of the MILF peace implementing panel, also expressed deep sorrow over the demise of one of the founders of the MILF.

“His  is a great loss to the MILF and to our people in general, and is irreplaceable,” Iqbal added.

Iqbal revealed that the greatest asset of the departed aleem (learned in Islam) and leader is his ability to talk to any leader of the Bangsamoro including those in the MILF straight in the eye without hesitation.