UNYPAD-GenSan conducts Istiqbalur Ramadan 2021

GENERAL SANTOS CITY (April 12, 2021) --The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) General Santos (GenSan) City Chapter conducted on Sunday (April 11) Istiqbalur Ramadan 2021 at Barangay Tambler gymnasium in this city in its bid to educate Muslims about the essence of this holy month.
There were 168 participants who joined the symposium of which 40 are officers and members of UNYPAD-GenSan Chapter.

The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos-SarGen, City Mayor’s Office Indigenous Cultural Communities Affairs Division, Bangsamoro Youth Project Organization (BYPO), Educational Research Center and Barangay Council of Tambler supported the activity.

Fasting during Ramadan, one of the pillars of Islam, is obligatory for healthy adult male and female Muslims. A fasting Muslim abstains from drinking, eating and engaging in sexual acts from dawn till sunset.

Ustadh Moctar Alangan, president of Madaris Federation of General Santos City, tackled the virtues of Ramadan. 

He underscored that fasting is mandatory to Muslims. “The hunger and thirst experienced while fasting remind those who are not poor how needy fellow Muslims feel,” he said.

According to Alangan, Ramadan brings a message that one should share food or money to those who have less food to eat.

Ustadh Yusof Butocan, an Islamic preacher, discussed how Muslims should welcome Ramadan. He encouraged the audiences to thank the Almighty for being able to reach the holy month, perform more prayers and seek forgiveness for sins committed.

Sheikh Ebrahim Andang, Jr. tackled about "The Rulings of Fasting." He said abstaining from eating and drinking in fear of Allah is one way how followers of Islamic faith are being disciplined.

Andang, Chairman of GenSan Muslim Religious Advisory Council, also said that while fasting, one must avoid gossiping and backbiting and that Muslims are encouraged to read and learn the Holy Qur’an.

UNYPAD GenSan Chapter will be serving Iftar, meal eaten to break the fast during Ramadan, in four target Muslim communities.
The organization has also invited Ulama who will give lectures while waiting for Iftar to be served.