‘What Zionist Israel is doing to Palestine now is what Nazi Germany did to the Jews then,’ say Muslim students from the state-run University of the Philippines”

UP Muslim students call for boycott of Israel products, and Palestine freedom

Cotabato City– Muslim students from the state-run University of the Philippines (UP) urged a boycott of Israeli goods as they called for the freedom of Palestine from the “unlawful, unrighteous, and unjust occupation” by Israel, said a report by on October 21. 
“We strongly condemn the unconscionable injustices and pure evil being inflicted upon the Palestinian people.” They said they “do not condone any attacks made against innocent civilians, regardless of their religion, nationality, and political affiliation,” , the UP Muslim Students’ Association (UP MSA) and the UP Association of Muslim Students (UP AMS) they said in a statement.

They noted that “The State of Israel, under its extremist Zionist regime, is not the ancient Kingdom of Israel that King Solomon,” also known as Sulaiman bin Dawud in Islam, “once righteously and wisely ruled.” They said Israel “runs an apartheid regime where Palestinians are second-class people.”

“The Filipino people and the people of the West should also know that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism. We recognize the Jews who bravely object and reject the Zionist State of Israel’s occupation of Palestine and call for freedom of the Palestinian people. What Zionist Israel is doing to Palestinians now is what Nazi Germany did to the Jews then,” the students said.

“It is hate and dehumanization of the ‘other’ that exacerbates these issues,” they continued. “Let our generation not make the same mistake.”

UP MSA and UP AMS then issued a 10-point call to action, which seeks to “condemn Zionist Israel’s siege of Gaza – virtually a plan to ‘sink Gaza’ and its two million inhabitants, 800,000 of which are children, ‘into the sea,’’ the Rappler report said.

The Muslim students also called for “a boycott of all Israeli-made products and services as a way to cut off the State of Israel from revenues that fund their war machine and their unlawful, unrighteous, and unjust occupation.”

The UP MSA and UP MSA statement echoes the calls for protesters worldwide demanding an end to Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. This narrow strip of land has seen nearly two weeks of intense air and artillery strikes, which, according to authorities, have killed at least 4,100 people.