Stakeholders undergo ‘Insider Mediators Training’ for Bangsamoro unity

Around 20 Moro stakeholders underwent training entitled “Insider Mediators Training” with an aim to enhance their skills in resolving conflicts through dialogue, negotiation and mediation geared towards strengthening unity among the Bangsamoro people.

The activity was organized by the Bangsamoro Study Group with the support of the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme. It is a continuation of the training given last September.

Experts from Clingendael Institute were tapped as facilitators. Clingendael provides information, conduct research and develop programmes for government agencies or NGOs. The institute is organized into two departments, research and academy.

The participants learned analysing threats to the Bangsamoro peace process and the role of the insider mediators.

They were also taught on how to handle with potentially violent groups as mediators, handle informal consultations and deal with negotiation behaviours of the parties.

Part of the training was mediation simulation workshop where they were applied their learning in conducting formal and informal talks, communication skills within conflict resolution and how to remain impartial.

The participants are on a mission to initiate and intra-Moro dialogue and pitch the call for Bangsamoro unity.