ZC CSO appeals to Bicam members to restore BBL deleted provisions

TULUNGATUNG, ZAMBOANGA CITY. June 25. 2018- After discerning the foreseen implications of HB.6475 and SB. 1717 approved by the two Chambers of Congress that supplant the original version of Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) drafted by Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC), a CSO Core Group in Zamboanga City joined the call of other Bangsamoro CSO’s for the restoration of the deleted or amended provisions BTC-Draft BBL.

In their meeting on Sunday, June 24, the CSO Core Group firmly believed that only the BTC- Draft BBL will gain wider acceptance by the Bangsamoro since it is anchored on the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB), while other BBL versions are not addressing the root causes of the Bangsamoro problems but only managing the small portions of the problems and not serving the truest Bangsamoro aspiration.

In their personal discernment, Hadji Atiola Jamsuri, CSO Core Leader and respectable Moro Mujahid said that the present BBL Versions should not be accepted by the Moro Fronts, and the Bangsamoro people due to its various implications that may occur later.

“We have enough previous experiences and lessons to learn. The Bangsamoro is pinning their high hopes on a CAB-Compliant BBL. Accepting a mangled BBL will even lead to mounting frustrations and even the previous gains of Bangsamoro struggle will be lost and taken away from us”. Jamsuri stressed. 

Brother Tim, a Peace Advocate said that those Bangsamoro living outside the core territory have also suffered similar problems and even worse than those living in the core areas from historical injustices, hence the Opt-In provisions must be restored. “Dapat walang iwanan” as he quoted one Senior MILF leader once said. May the BTC and MILF Leadership will stand firmly on the original BTC-drafted BBL or else the future of Bangsamoro generation will suffer at the mercy in their own homeland once they fail to sustain it.  

Mr. Morsalin Jorsalin, a Moro Community leader also said that accepting a powerless BBL will not serve the purpose of Bangsamoro aspiration and eventually all gains of the peace process will be lost, and too hard to regain back. Let us learn from previous experiences and think outside the box being forcefully offered to us.

Another CSO Focal person, Ustadz Taha Daranda also shared his concerns on the fate of BBL and said that Congress must honor the signed peace agreements and may the BTC, and MILF Leadership shall assert on what has been agreed, and should not be compromised or else the Bangsamoro will lose its ground. 

On his part, Imam Omar Alip, a Community Da’wah leader said that Bangsamoro has been persistently denied, deceived and victims of treachery since then that is why the Bangsamoro struggle is continuing up to this moment. 

In their concerted effort, the Zamboanga CSO is joining the signature campaign and are intensifying peace advocacy for the Bicameral Conference (BCC) to consider the Moro people’s collective plea by restoring the deleted provisions of the BTC-drafted BBL. 

Peace advocacies and other undertakings in Zamboanga City Bangsamoro communities are facilitated by an officer of the Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI) along with its counterparts.