Sama- Banguingi Community leaders hold consultative meeting in Zamboanga City

ARENA BLANCO, Zamboanga City (December 23, 2020)- The Bangsamoro community leaders belonging to Sama-Banguingi Tribe in Arena Blanco, and nearby Barangays of Sakul Island in Zamboanga City held their consultative meeting, Sunday, December 20, 2020. Tackling crucial issues and affirming their collective stand in support to the call for Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) extension to 2025 was among the agenda during the meeting.
After a thorough discussion, the community leaders reached a consensus to support the BTA Extension until 2025. 

Hadji Usman Insani, a Banguingi, a community leader along with chapter officers from the Bangsamoro Communities Outside the Bangsamoro Region Federation (BCOCAR-Fed) conducted the consultative meeting attended by village leaders who shared similar commitments to sustain the gains of Peace Agreements.

“We, the Sama-Banguingi have a shared narrative with other Bangsamoro, tribes and we have participated in the Bangsamoro legitimate cause since the early part of the Bangsamoro armed struggle,” Hadji Insani said.

Hadji Insani further said that despite being outside the BARMM, the Sama-Baguingi are living peacefully along with other tribes, and they are optimistic that the BARMM Regional Government will not forsake us as it is clearly stated in the BOL that the new region will cater to the needs of Bangsamoro Communities Residing outside the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region. 

Mr. Maca Asmawil, a Bangsamoro community leader from Barangay Busay also said that the benefits of the peace agreement will only be felt by the Bangsamoro people once all important provisions of the BOL are fully implemented. 

Tirso Tahir, an Officer from Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI) has been facilitating advocacies and capacity-buildings in the Bangsamoro grassroots communities in a bid to enhance the participation of Bangsamoro CSOs, and Village leaders in the city in peacebuilding endeavors.

“The establishment of BARMM is just a part of the political tract of the peace agreement as contained in the BOL, and more provisions have not yet been fully implemented especially on normalization aspects.

Therefore, the BTA, the peace implementing panels, and concerned agencies need enough time to translate those provisions into actions responsive to the Bangsamoro needs,” Tahir said.