BIR tags MBHTE as top taxpayer

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has recognized the Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education (MBHTE) as the Top Taxpayer in the National Government Category for 2023. This recognition was announced during the BIR 2024 Tax Campaign Event held on March 5 at the Em Manor Hotel and Convention Center in Cotabato City.

In a press statement, the MBHTE said that the “the award not only highlights the Ministry's compliance with tax laws but also emphasizes its commitment to contributing significantly to the nation's development.” 

“By achieving the highest withholding tax, the MBHTE has directly supported the BIR Revenue District Office No. 107 in Cotabato City in meeting its collection target for the fiscal year 2023. This contribution underscores the Ministry's role as an educator and a key player in the nation's economic landscape,” the MBHTE said.

The MBHTE emphasized that “the significance of this recognition goes beyond fiscal compliance. It exemplifies how the effective use of public funds, through adherence to tax obligations, can play a crucial role in delivering quality government services, particularly in the field of education.”

Under the leadership of Minister Mohagher Iqbal, the Ministry is committed to moral governance, ensuring that the funds collected are reinvested into the system to further enhance educational infrastructure, resources, and programs that benefit learners and the Bangsamoro education community.

The MBHTE hopes that this achievement will inspire other government agencies and departments to emulate its commitment to transparency, accountability, and effective resource management. 
“The recognition of the MBHTE by the BIR not only honors its fiscal discipline but also acknowledges its unwavering dedication to improving education and fostering prosperity in the Bangsamoro region,” the MBHTE concluded.