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MSSD-BARMM gives UCT cash cards to 1,831 senior citizens in Maguindanao del Sur

The SOCPEN program targets 2,030 senior citizens, with 750 from Datu Montawal and 1,280 from Mangudadatu. So far, 1,831 senior citizens have already received their cash cards; 609 in Datu Montawal and 1,222 in Mangudadatu. “The remaining 201 unclaimed cards will be distributed in the coming weeks.The UCT fund is intended to provide financial support to senior citizens, to supplement their...

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BTA MP Sinolinding distributes cash incentives to Tawi-Tawi health workers

The health workers each received PhP 12,000.00 cash incentives for three months from the Bangsamoro Government headed by Chief Minister Ahod B. Ebrahim.The distribution of said incentives was delayed due to poor connectivity between the health workers and the regional government.Sapa-Sapa municipal leadership was so grateful to the Ministry of Health-BARMM for the release of the P12,000...

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Minister Iqbal lauds Australia’s support to education in BARMM

“Your commitment to enhancing our education system, mainly through the Education Pathways to Peace in Mindanao program, has profoundly impacted our community,” Iqbal said.The Education Pathways to Peace in Mindanao program is Australia’s education investment supporting the delivery of quality early grades education in the Philippines, with focus on contributing to peacebuilding in the...

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BARMM urged to pass genuine IP code

The Gempe te Kelindaan ne Kamal te Erumanen ne Menuvu (Erumanen ne Menuvu), Mënubù Dulangan Tribal Justice and Self-Governance (Mënubù Dulangan), and Timuay Justice and Governance (Tëduray and Lambangian) issued the statement amid issues hounding the Bangsamoro Indigenous Peoples Development Act of 2024 (Bill 273) pushed by the BTA.They are wary that this pending version of the bill does not...

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